Walking in Boldness

Being a business owner or an entrepreneur comes with many sleepless nights, and unforeseen rough patches that can either throw you off course if you allow it to, or you can choose to make it a useable tool in the building, restructuring and or rebranding of your business. Figuring out a way to utilize each mishap to your advantage would prove to be more beneficial rather than simply tossing it all away due to efforts made, which were unsuccessful. Success doesn’t always come at the first go around. For some, there will be slips and falls, with various ups and downs that more than likely cannot be avoided despite how hard one may try. Nonetheless, that should never become a deterring factor wherein you lose focus of your purpose. You have got to keep that drive going and move with an un-swayed boldness that grows with each blow given, no matter how uncomfortable it proves to be.

 Saying yes to such a task is never an easy decision to make, because quite often we may feel like the stings of failure are constantly at our heels, wherefore, leading many to toy with the idea of giving up on their dreams, while others chose throwing in the towel and calling it quits. When choosing the route of walking away ask yourself “who am quitting on?”, and whether that is a move of one who is bold and fearless!

A person who is bold and fearless is never hindered by failures or shortcomings, because they are risk takers who know that sometimes, you’ve got to look foolish in order to get your win. Sometimes we must fall in order to rise again. What may seem like shame and rejection to others, for the entrepreneur it’s merely a setup for his or her victory. I call that the pruning season. The season setting you up for your wins, wherein the fake and phonies are removed from your atmosphere so that you’re properly positioned to run a more thorough race for the achievement of greatness.

 As you ponder on the direction of your future, you will realize that the “who” you’re contemplating quitting on will be more significant than the “what”. Especially if this was the thing you always saw yourself one day doing or becoming. There’s no doubt that the pressures of an entrepreneurial life will be heavy. Nonetheless, I want you to really look at how far you’ve come to fulfilling something that not many are cut out to do. Your desires, dreams or wants of becoming that mogul were not born out of pure frustrations of working for someone else or even creating something that is not yet seen.

Anything worth having is going incorporate some sweat, tears, frustrations, commitment, sleepless, nights, days of aggravations and even moments of isolation so you can work out the kinks for the birthing of your baby. We have to stop compromising our purpose and release those toxic and nonsensical talks of not feeling as though we’re good enough. If you were good enough to think of it or to begin the process, then you are great enough to see it through to the end. Being an entrepreneur or business owner is not easy, but neither is it something you should so eagerly give up on. Is it hard? Yes, without a doubt! Should you abandon purpose? Absolutely not!

The greatest successes we will ever have in life comes from our biggest failures. Whatever we feel our failures are or how gigantic they may appear, we should use them as a motivational tool to push with the understanding that our labor will not be in vain. It was on my own personal journey of constantly falling that I learned to fight and developed a willingness to stand. Whatever you are wanting to achieve, you definitely will, as long as you believe in yourself and also have a respect of self and others. Those who are bold stand out because they exude high levels of confidence, courage and direction

  • They fight for what they want.
  • The word no means nothing to them
  • They don’t see challenges as hindrances, rather it’s their fuel to push even harder

Boldness is a fire igniter that causes you and those within your circle to operate in excellence for the bringing about of something that is far more superior than any person could imagine. The bolder you are, the bigger the victories will be. When walking in boldness you develop an intolerance for anyone or anything that finds comfort in the presence of mediocrity. Such things suggests complacency where the need for growth is not present. You don’t wait for things to be handed to you, you see what you want and you grab it, and take hold of it with an authority that cannot be mistaken for anything less than confidence and boldness.

This journey of walking in boldness will make you a bit vulnerable without a shadow of doubt, still, though it may be so, you can’t let that become your cause for shying away. Use that vulnerability as a purpose pusher, make it your reason to “boss up”. With boldness there is an expectancy that others have of us. Don’t worry about that, just focus on your “why”. This is where you change the rules of the game with the implementation of new standards, because it’s about your destiny. Remember you’re a front runner and everything attached to you wins.

  • Refuse to live life dictated by fear
  • Don’t allow your setbacks to distract you from purpose, because failure is had once you decide to stop trying!
  • Boldness is achieved only when we begin to love ourselves for who we are instead of trying to be a poor imitation of someone else. Our Flaws are our Beauty marks!
  • Rid yourself of negative thought patterns and habits
  • Figure out your areas of confidence and focus on it, as that is where your strength lies. You don’t have to be good in everything, simply learn how to hone in on what makes you feel your best.
  • Celebrate your failures, they are the stepping stones to what will eventually become your greatest successes. Albert Einstein, Katherine Johnson & other greats made many mistakes before getting to their breakthroughs that would create for them a place in history.
  • Stop the comparisons! They will only make you feel less than, as it forces you into an abyss of inadequacies, whereby you’re unable to see yourself as being enough. Comparisons are poison to ones self-worth. You’re left looking at your starting point and where the other persons victory lap is, without giving consideration to the length of time it may have taken them to be where you now see them standing.

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