Resiliency in Personal Branding and Professional Image

Do you find yourself constantly bombarded with to-do items and social media with no way to turn it all offf? Feeling scattered and overwhelmed causes our productivity to decrease and burn out to increase. As a result, our health,relationships and finances sufffer.

The last five years I have been recovering from burnout. I have learned to listen to my body,mind, heart and spirit to address my own needs with patience and compassion so I can help others from a healthy place instead of an exhausted one.

I am shifting out of a stressful way of being and into an intentional life. In this mindset I am able to simplify my life to have more clarity and balance. I am reconnecting to my “why” as I deepen in self care. One of the gifts I give myself is permission to say no to people, media, food, places, choices, thoughts and an image that do not add value to my life.

I am discovering that cultivating self care is improving my self worth. I am able to show up a better version of me, where my presence is grounded in a knowing that life is to be lived with love, joy, peace, wisdom, creativity, courage and beauty. These attributes make it meaningful and memorable.

Throughout my 38 year career as a Hollywood Trained Image Consultant and Makeup Artist, I have had the pleasure of hearing countless stories of others trying to achieve their goals and make a better life for themselves.

I am learning that it’s not about how hard we try but how much we learn to open our hearts and be grateful so we can be healthy to develop positive relationships that inspire and help us to live our best life.

On my morning “gratitude walks” I notice nature has a rhythm that reminds me to stay peaceful and grateful. As I take this into my day I show up more present and less stressed. Others are drawn to me because of this peace and my professional image, which says to them non-verbally “She cares about herself so she will care about me and the work she will deliver.

Take time for yourself to rest, refuel and connect with your heart. Then be intentional about how you are presenting yourself so it is a quality experience for both. If you have ever attended a symphony, the atmosphere is set by the elegant image of the musicians, stage and concert place as well as the way the audience is dressed up. This elevates the experience. The same is true in our professional lives. When we show up put together intentionally in a way that aligns our personality, skill set and goals with who we want to connect with, a beautiful synergy happens naturally without stress. I encourage you to develop your personal brand and professional image so you don’t have to try so hard to convince others of how valuable you and your business are, your image will create an impactful presence.

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