One question had me reflecting on my past and how I came to arrive where I am today. It’s easy to realize now that each decision we make is a step toward our future tomorrow. Moreover, our worst experiences teach us the best lessons.

Our job is to embrace the worst, and turn it into our best attempt. We are then able to move forward passionately with undisturbed focus on what it is we wish to accomplish. If only we could recognize
the fact when we are young, life might be more relaxed.

My Story

Without realizing it, sales and entrepreneurship were inherent in my upbringing. The most important message was heard daily, “Never give up!” My add- on to the sentiment is, “Never give up, but find a better way!” Growing up, I did not understand the underlying meaning of everyday conversations. Nor could I comprehend why women are treated as second-class citizens. Invariably, I’d ask ‘Why?’ and conclude my thought with, ‘That’s not fair!’ Today, my communication style reflects my intuitive approach along with observation on many levels.

“Belief, determination and a flexible plan will get you to your goal.”

Keep moving through the tunnel to find your inspirational bright light!

Part of the belief system is the acceptance that roadblocks are our gifts in disguise. We dig deeper to find the better path. My mission became fighting for equality, and the fight continues. Thankfully, the stance for equal status in all regards is among the masses today. “Nothing is impossible when you have

the determination to succeed.” “Tomorrow is a blank canvas, begin painting your future today.” “Our darkest momentatthe end of the tunnel, produce our brightest light.” I would pause to take in everything occurring around me. At night, I would reflect on what I disliked and how the next day I could improve the situation. By the time I entered sixth grade, I was setting goals and creating plans of action.

Nothing ever did improve quickly enough to my taste. However, the power of taking all communication in for consideration made me stronger. Our observations, reflections, and meditation on how we may achieve the next rung are one of our most robust personal development tools available, and without cost.

As I grew into a sales career, my intake of others was a significant factor in succeeding. Observations include watching the demeanor, facial expressions, body language, vocabulary, and interactions of those with whom you meet. Consistency or a lack of it is a telling sign for what’s to come next.

Similarly, I would also reflect on conversations with clients. Observations reveal:

  • Questions to ask
  • Genuine thought in facial expressions and body language
  • Hearing frustration and avoidance for tough questions
  • Discrepancies between actions, words, and deeds

Follow-up conversations were in order after pondering my observations and connecting the dots to previous interactions. The more profound questions motivated clients to give me additional business.

I attempted to hold management to higher credibility, too, but in most cases the effort was fruitless. I’m still advocating equal and fair treatment for all. Companies wanting to improve their bottom-line will do best by first enhancing morale. Mindset Shift Video – see if you wish to include.

Your Story to Reflect and Improve

Throughout the year, all numbers matter. As the totals reveal themselves, entrepreneurs concern themselves about being in business the following year. In any capacity of career, today is always the best time to consider all options for developing an exceptional year. When you participate in a collaborative group:

  • Treat everyone as equals
  • Model respect for clients by doing the same for your staff
  • Welcome each person’s input in meetings and have them explain their ‘why.’
  • Give each suggestion you hear, full consideration
  • Provide a bonus for unique ideas that propel further business

Take a daily time-out to re-boot, re-think, and improve. On a personal level, do you:

  • Examine each evening what may improve the next day
  • Record your findings to avoid forgetting
  • Write down questions in need of asking
  • Prioritize activities for the next day, week, month, quarter and year
  • Keep track of and revise priorities as times change
  • Feel pride in your accomplishments to date? Self-improvement is an ongoing effort. Ignore the naysayers who suggest quitting. Take classes, hire a coach, continue reading and speak with peers to experience growth. The forever reflection of where you are will provide direction for better days to come.

Sales Tips to Reflect

  1. Create lists capturing disappointments, areas to improve and visions of the future
  2. Examine disappointing experiences to realize what needs improvement
  3. Consider if anyone is holding you back and if so, part ways
  4. Give one group a try to see if it motivates you further
  5. Try one new idea at a time to test if it works well
  6. Learn from the attempts that do not work out as you hope
  7. Continue reflecting and revising
  8. Ask for help when you need it
  9. Prepare to learn from every experience
  10. Celebrate Success!

These tips are provided to help you achieve The Smooth Sale!

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