• Look at your sunglasses.
  • Touch them.
  • This is plastic. If you are lucky – it will decompose in nature after one thousand years

And here we start talking about coffee

Coffee cake – 100% eco material of which Ochis Coffee glasses are made.

In a world of fast technologies, disposable things and mountains of garbage that bring us closer to an environmental disaster, we have found a solution that will change the attitude of people towards glasses. We answered the question “What can replace plastic?”. Coffee cake. Or rather, a unique coffee compound that we developed to create Ochis Coffee.

Glasses that are not scary to lose (of course it’s scary, so stylish!), because they will bring 0% harm to the environment. Thus, we created an eco-friendly business, the starting point of which became exactly the items of individual style – Sunglasses 39 handmade operations for each frame. Over 10 years of experience in the optics business. And Ochis Coffee is changing the attitude of people towards glasses.

The Ochis Coffee lenses are made from recycled cotton. These provide UV protection thanks to the UV filter which changes the shading depending on the ambient light.

Thanks to the hydrophobic coating, the lenses are water and dirt repellent.

Yes, yes, you can touch them with your fingers, without fear of leaving a mark!

Ochis Coffee, at the same time, carry out the function of glasses for work at the computer.

Anti-reflective coating and blue light blocking protect the eyes when a person is next to the monitor.

The shape, color of lenses, arms mobility – anyone will find for themselves the most stylish pair.

The uniqueness of Ochis Coffee: get everything you need from glasses. And save the environment. A nice bonus that’s becoming a trend.

November 2018 Ochis Coffee launched the first eyewear collection, successfully reached a goal on Kickstarter and began full-scale production.

At the moment, Ochis produces eyewear for customers around the world. Most orders come from Australia, USA, and Europe.

In August 2019, we will present a new collection on Kickstarter.

The new Ochis Coffee comes in 2 variety of forms with 2 kinds of innovative shade lenses, which provide UV and HEV protection or polarization + UV filter.

Pricing starts from $79.

The Kickstarter campaign will start in August 2019 with a funding goal of $15,000.

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