As soon as people made items they believed were good, ways and means were sought to get others to buy-into their idea. Western culture expanded on worldwide practices, doing almost anything to get the public to want, or need, what they were pushing. Snake oil potions were peddled from one town to another in horse-drawn wagons along rocky arid Midwest terrain. City-slickers convinced the curious that there actually was a bearded lady inside the make-shift tent and that the “normal” would love to hate to see her. At every state fair were raspy voices yelling over the raucous that their peanuts were a must-have, or you might as well have stayed home. And if one was fortunate enough to attend the World’s Fair back in the day, chances are you would leave determined to save enough for the latest and greatest gadget, gizmo, or whatchamacallit your life could not possibly do without. A true salesperson goes to extreme lengths to gain and maintain your attention. When Britannica stopped knocking and Avon stopped ringing, someone donned an outrageous costume with sign, just to dance and spin you into their store. Mere decades ago rappers amassed untold wealth, along with forever followers, because they hustled their CD’s from car trunks. Americans like their goods, services, and products. We hope you do, too.

In a world of possibility, the math makes perfect cents: the more people who know what you have, the higher the probability of accruing money. Simply, a wider net should translate into a larger catch. The internet is a worldwide “net” capable of drawing many potential buyers. Its mass-appeal is the new marketplace, so no entrepreneur can afford to ignore its effectiveness. Even rural mom-and-pop shops are benefitting from technological sales support they could never have accomplished with their yard sign.

Karen Liz Albert knows that better than most. The Los Angeles born Denver resident was introduced to Facebook for private corporate groups. After leaving her position as Director of Sales and Marketing to explore other options, she thought it wise to scratch an entrepreneurial itch. A friend’s fundraiser presented the opportunity that turned into a life passion. Karen’s former knowledge of the use and reach of Facebook translated into high attendance and higher donations. At the conclusion of a successful event, the venue’s owner was so impressed that he asked Miss Albert about assisting with getting the word out relative to his real estate properties. A business was born!

Behind Your Curtain, social media marketing, encompasses utilization of every free form of social channels to introduce, inform, and inspire sales of all sorts. It is a brand that helps business owners via modern mediums. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and Instagram are all strategic tools of the trade. Although each has its bent, Karen has mastered which is better for reaching the desired “community” of interest. In example, business professionals tend to spend more time on Linkedin, since it caters to corporate-types. Millennials sway the Instagram way. Entertainers tend to fancy YouTube in hopes of being discovered or not being forgotten. Same-minded individuals are drawn to sites that do what they do, like what they like, and put-out what they’re searching the internet for. Unlike most stores, the web is open for business all day and night, scanning the globe for whatever one is seeking. Karen knows how to gain the glance and gaze of such on-lookers.

An enthusiastic educator, Miss Albert delights in teaching the multi-dimensional trends social media offers entrepreneurs. Because the technology landscape is in constant evolution, Karen also sees the need to remain a lifelong learner. In that vein, she reads a minimum of two articles daily, listens to podcasts, receives Google alerts, and attends cutting-edge conferences to remain relevant. Savvy navigators can transfer new information into new sales. When her clients see their profit margins rise, they realize that attracting the appropriate customer to one’s work site is a skill, not happenstance. And computer algorithms respond, sharing your content with more users.

In the Biblical telling, Jesus gives some fledgling fishermen a helping hand. All overnight efforts to haul in a catch have failed repeatedly. His ability to see beneath the surface works beyond their finite limitations. Strongly urging the entrepreneurs to try another method, He insists that the fish will be biting on the opposite side of their aquatic vessel. Too desperate to debate the carpenter, they will try anything at this point. Jesus was right. The seafarers are amazed! The miraculous weight of their net was more than one man could carry. They had never been so successful. Today’s inter-net is used for reasons ranging from the ridiculous to the hilarious-few of us can take another duck-lip or animal face filter. But it is also capable of “catching” consumers.

By: Angel A. Wellington

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