I just wanted to remind everybody to take hold of and appreciate the minor moments in life. It could be spending time with family, friends, exercising at the gym or working at your job. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, what matters is that you are able to sink into that particular moment and connect with the present.

 I recently spent some time visiting family in Oregon and for one of the first times that I can truly remember, I was able to be totally present and hold space for those that I was with. It made the trip incredibly special. Looking back to some of my past visits I remember kind of going in and out of being present. Reason being, I would be thinking about what needed to be done for work and that kept me from really holding space and connecting with those that I was spending time with. With the rush and bustle of the world we now live in (social media, texts, constant advertising, cell phones), it’s easy to forget what it was like to truly connect with others because we have been trained to honor instant gratification and jump from one task to another in the blink of an eye. It’s not easy to wean ourselves and I know it can be very hard to not get sucked in when we have so much technology at our fingertips. In the old days, we didn’t have access to our work 24/7…now that we do, relationships, friendships and true connection with strangers are being pushed to the side and people are forgetting what it feels like to slow down and truly connect with others and/or our task on hand. And trust me, connecting through social media and all of these devices isn’t the same as looking someone in the eye and connecting in person.

So, please hear me when I say, stop multi-tasking, put down your phone and close social media for a bit and really engage with whatever you are doing and embrace it. It doesn’t matter whether it is connecting with a friend or family member, connecting with the sights and sounds that are around you on a walk or connecting with a task at work. True happiness lay in connecting with the moment. Slow down, be a good listener and embrace what is going on. Turn off the past, future or doing a million things all at the same time for a little while. It’s doable. You will be more successful, your work will be stronger, you will have deeper friendships, and you will feel true contentment. And looking back those seemingly minor moments will actually become the major moments of your life because you were fully engaged and truly connected in the present moment.

By: G. Brian Benson

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