About Us

Our Vision – A world where people come to realize that we are all here on this planet called earth for a purpose. That purpose is to serve one another with the gifts/seeds planted inside of us. A world where every person will develop their gifts and talents and make this a place where we will all prosper by focusing on the needs of one another first and not money.

Our Mission – To give entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their gifts, talents, and skills to a global audience, walk in their purpose and live life on purpose. True happiness and success in life are not measured by how much money a person makes or has. Finding one’s purpose and fulfilling it is the definition of true happiness and success!

Our Desire – We are all born with a seed/gift that, if discovered and developed can serve and benefit the world. Most people die before discovering their purpose. ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE, LLC was created to let every entrepreneur know that they are important and that their gifts, talents, products, and services are needed. We are waiting for you. YES….YOU MATTER!!! IT IS YOUR TIME TO RISE AND SERVE! Live a PURPOSE-FULL LIFE AND DIE EMPTY!

Our Goals – To unite entrepreneurs around the world, great and small. Giving them a platform to connect to the products, services and resources needed to grow and take their business to the next level. Services such as entity setup, business coaching, business funding, website design,logo design, marketing services, social media marketing services, book writing and publishing, business plan writing, business health care, business insurance, and more.

     Our magazine will also give entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet, collaborate and serve each other on a grander scale.  Another goal will be to know who is who in our communities in order to bring us closer together and build our own economy. Our next door neighbor could be in business and have the solution to our problem. They may have the product or service we need and we look elsewhere not realizing the value we have right next door.